The "in-motion" development revolution enabled by the SWIM Fabric is also driving a new wave of realtime, stateful web applications and experiences.

From messaging and "chat commerce" to realtime web analytics and privacy management, SWIM.IT is ground zero for user interaction and user intelligence, "in motion" and at high scale.


realtime performance monitoring, powered by swim

SWIM Datacenter Monitoring

SWIM provides a realtime dashboard for enterprises that require ultra-low latency when monitoring their datacenters and backend systems. With near-millisecond performance, the SWIM Fabric delivers unparalleled realtime datacenter and system introspection.
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Realtime Privacy Analytics, powered by SWIM


WebAware helps enterprise web users and their IT organizations understand who has access to their realtime web data. As personalized online marketing comes to the fore, WebAware supports user power and choice in selecting providers with good privacy policy across their content and services networks.
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Realtime Marketplace Application, powered by SWIM


Buylane is a system that enables buyers to discover product sellers and service providers based on their location and other preferences. Once connected, the buyers and sellers interact with each other via a stateful, realtime, chat/messaging interface and complete the transaction.