Industrial IoT…smart cities…digital supply chains…connected vehicles—these are a few of the markets driving the emergence of a new in-motion application ecosystem.

Built from the ground up for the age of realtime stream-driven computing, SWIM.IT is committed to building the technology and business alliances that will drive the growth of the in-motion IoT ecosystem—while helping secure and future-proof the innovation roadmaps of our partners.


SWIM.IT for IoT OEMs & Network Operators 

Partnering from the Edge to the App

SWIM.IT helps power what’s next for Industry 4.0 OEMs & system/network operators. Industrial IoT innovators in transportation, digital supply chain, & smart grid markets turn to the SWIM In-Motion IoT App Fabric to streamline their end-to-end environments, driving immediate performance improvement from the edge to the app—while laying the foundation for new realtime IoT application experiences via the SWIM API. 

Find out how to leverage the SWIM.IT In-Motion Fabric in your IoT network via our white label OEM partner edition.

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SWIM.IT for ISVs & App Developers 

Powering New In-Motion IoT Experiences

Sharing economy applications, e.g. ride-sharing, have popularized in-motion app experiences, demonstrating the power of realtime data to create new markets. Similarly, new applications that leverage sensor data continuously generated by “things”-- e.g. fitness wearables, smart clothing, and in-store beacons--have the potential to unleash a wave of digital innovation bigger than the web itself.

Find out how ISVs & application developers in the digital economy are partnering with SWIM.IT to create the next wave of connected, in-motion app experiences for both consumers, enterprises, and government.

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SWIM.IT for IoT System integrators

Driving Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

Systems integrators build end-to-end IoT environments for their clients by connecting disparate IT and OT systems in new ways that drive both operational efficiency and customer value. Streetsmart SI’s are turning to SWIM.IT to create end-to-end industrial IoT systems & networks, relying on SWIM’s revolutionary distributed architecture to address the latency, complexity, and security issues that often impede innovation.

Find out how Systems Integrators (SI) in the digital economy are partnering with SWIM.IT to close the IoT app performance gap, and blend OT & IT in ways previously thought to be impossible.

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SWIM.IT for Device/Silicon Vendors

Securing Devices & the Data Chain of Custody

SWIM.IT is used by connected device manufacturers and their semiconductor partners to provide bulletproof protection and strong assurance for connected devices deployed in Industry 4.0 and consumer IoT networks. As IoT networks increasingly come under cyber-attack, our partners leverage SWIM.IT to protect and secure the end to end “chain of custody” of device-generated streaming data within the system. For IoT networks, security must be baked in, not added on.

Find out more about how SWIM.IT helps IoT hardware companies shield themselves against breaches of edge devices, while enabling strong device monitoring, management and updates.

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