Sr. Scala Developer

COMPANY, Inc. is developing a next generation stateful application development platform for Cloud based applications. This platform is referred to as SWIM and it is primarily targeted towards developing server side applications that are deployed on cloud infrastructure. The key features that differentiate Swim are:

  • Support massive scale of application services. Scaling factors determined at deployment time (multi-core servers deployed across multiple clusters)
  • Support for stateful application services. Realtime for both clients and server side application services (millisecond response times)
  • Support for developing reactive services. Ability to react autonomously or user driven
  • Support for developing real-time data in-flight processing
  • Support for Polyglot programming & persistence


  • Design and implement highly distributed and scalable components.
  • Solve complex software systems problems and leverage state-of-the-art technology (actor model, polyglot persistence, ...).
  • Use cloud infrastructure services and integrate with other 1st and 3rd party services (e.g., Platform as a Service like AWS).
  • Work closely with product management and partner teams to translate business requirements into technical designs and project plans
  • Write high-quality code primarily in Scala, Java and scripting languages.
  • Analyze and improve the efficiency, scalability and stability of various platform services.


  • 5+ years of server-side software development experience
  • 5+ years of experience with Java, 2+ years of experience with Scala
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Solid expertise in building highly scalable, distributed web services
  • Deep knowledge of concurrency, resiliency, caching, HTTP and REST
  • NoSQL experience (Cassandra, MongoDB)
  • Experience developing in Scala and Akka (Play/Spray)
  • Knowledge of cloud computing platforms like AWS
  • BS or MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent is preferred